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This blog was born from a passion of the story of Poldark as written by Winston Graham. After watching the two television adaptions and reading the twelve books the story became all consuming and the richness and compelling nature of it was too captivating not to take a hold. So far its allure has proved to be indefinite, but without complaint. With the love story of Ross and Demelza naturally being the all time favourite element to write about, favourite characters of Demelza, Elizabeth and George are also by providing so much light, shade, tension and complexity to the story.

The blog is a space to lay out thoughts on the wonderful Poldark story with its beautiful writing and the so very well crafted characters. Although images from the latest adaption may compliment the writings in places, the focus of the blogs is primarily on the original story of Poldark as told in the books rather than the outstandingly impressive television adaptions, which nevertheless can differ slightly or quite a lot at times. The blogs (or essays/think pieces) focus on various aspects of Poldark such as the love stories, the conflicts, the major characters (mainly) and key stand out themes. Each one is intended to serve as a stand alone blog/piece. Therefore many ideas, writings and references may be repeated across some blogs where relevant and where there are cross overs. The blogs do cover the entire span of twelve books and therefore there are spoilers throughout.

Surprisingly there is so much to write about. It is both stimulating and enjoyable. If you have a look then hopefully you will enjoy what you find here and be sure to check out all the other blogs listed in the menu. Otherwise thank you for stopping by.

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